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What is Project X ?


Project X, started out in 2002 as a team based graduate mulitmedia thesis project at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB). Along with my research partner Becky Fong, I created XTV, an interactive television experience that featured video on demand (VOD), video conferencing to portable devices, full length video to portable devices and enhanced programming features that enabled users to select objects on the screen to access web content during playback.

Users also gained the ability to save their enhanced content to a web server for later retrieval from a portable device.  Achievements: Project X was one of the first developments to stream a full length 35 minute video over IP to a portable device using Flash Communication Server and the RTMP streaming protocol, a respectable achievement at the time. In a way, Project X was a predictor of our modern lifestyle today, where mobile devices and on demand streaming services are pervasive.  Today the name lives on as Project X mm.

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